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reserve 100 XRD
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Star Sailors Nation


Reserve & check your NFTs

radix wallet

Radix wallet

To reserve your NFT you will need a radix wallet. We suggest using the official radix desktop wallet, you can download here. But of course you can use other wallets like Z3US, XIDAR OR STREAM wallet.


Follow the instructions

Once you have a wallet, please go to the instructions page and follow the steps. For now you must send 100 XRD for each STARMAN NFT from your wallet to the official Star Sailors Nation wallet. We decided to remove limitations.


Check your STARMAN

After finishing the reservation process you can check your NFTs by searching for your wallet address. If you want to find a specific NFT, just type it's number to the search input. You can also browse from all NFTs in the explore menu.


$SINX airdrops

$STARMAN holders will get random $SINX airdrops. You can check our roadmap on the SingularityX website. More usecases and benefits for holders are coming!


Naming and wallet connect soon

Soon you can name your STARMAN for few $SINX. To make reservations easier we plan to connect to ZEUS or XIDAR wallet.